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BOPP Thickness Testing

August 10th, 2011 Leave a comment Go to comments

BOPP thickness testing is vital in BOPP performance Testing. In order to better control the quality of BOPP cigarette film, Labthink, integrates the testing demand and introduces the relevant BOPP cigarette film testing methods and items, so as to bring useful helps for the cigarette companies.

Thickness of BOPP cigarette film is the basic film performance index. Uneven thickness would influence the tensile strength and permeability as well as the following procedures. Thicker cigarette film would have better stiffness with better visual performance. But, the cost would also be great. In order to find the balanced solution, high precision thickness tester is needed. Labthink PARAM CHY-C2 is the lab thickness tester with the precision up to 0.1um. When testing thickness in different directions, deviation must be controlled within 3% usually. Meanwhile, the edge thickness of BOPP film has to be measured.

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